background projet SA4R






An omnichannel activation to promote veal farming in Aveyron.

Design & Brand Experience

Bringing together Aveyron calf breeders under the SA4R banner: a campaign for a common cause.

A message centered around the SA4R initiative and a platform provided to the breeders, their daily life, and their vocation – this is the best way to recruit.

A rallying slogan, a powerful and meaningful visual, a precise objective, halfway between a rallying cry and a recruitment campaign.

How to make SA4R known and encourage breeders to join this group?

Once the visual context is established, depicting the daily life of an Aveyron breeder, we needed to make an impact. To do so, we merged the codes of partisan recruitment with a light and highly distinctive touch. A smile combined with a sense of belonging: that was our choice to make a difference.

With the message established, all that remained was to roll it out. Social media, press advertising, web banners... Between raising awareness and recruitment, we invested in several channels to convey the SA4R label's message.