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A multi-channel brand strategy: a growth challenge in a competitive market.

Design & Brand Experience

Promote Solum's commercial development among an expert target audience.

A human dimension that makes the difference and ensures differentiation from the competition: the key point highlighted during the development of the Solum brand territory, a manufacturer of lighting solutions.

Solum illuminates itself: an identity to become known and recognized.

The brand branching work, anchored in a simplified commercial discourse.

Once the identity was defined, work on the brand architecture began. Naming of product lines, creation of packaging, and many other supports were made in line with the new territorial branding we imagined for Solum. A powerful and cohesive 360-degree approach.

How to develop a unique and tailored brand showcase?

Solum, positioned on the world's largest market: the internet. The creation of a fully customized website solidifies the company's branding. In perfect harmony with the created identity, it becomes a driving element in the brand's commercial strategy.

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