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Wines & Spirits
Wines & Spirits

A digital brand territory, embodying a new story for a luxury mono-product.

Design & Brand Experience

Expressing the world of a high-end product, born from the wine expertise of Château d’Estoublon.

Crafting an enchanting story, carried out in print and digital, allows Roseblood to reveal its DNA. This narrative continues and becomes immersive thanks to a range of tailor made events.

A reimagined brand positioning to bring to light a range of excellent wines.

The story of Roseblood is born amid the leaves of the Provençal Garden of Eden, a myth celebrating the art of living and the passion for winemaking. The development of a lush expressive universe allows for complete immersion. Illustrations and kaleidoscopes, each element seamlessly blends into the scenery, ensuring not a drop of the lush charm of this vintage is lost.

How to embody a brand territory in order to increase Roseblood's visibility?

We brought to life the imaginary constructed around the brand through its website. From the wild garden to the sweetness of flavors, passing through the spiciness of roses, the story unfolds in the digital realm. Our challenge? Convincing the most oenophiles by emphasizing the craftsmanship and characteristics of this vintage.

Discover the Roseblood d'Estoublon website.