background projet Neetch





An updated branding to meet new development ambitions.

Design & Brand Experience

Renew the brand's value proposition and its position in the market.

There are pivotal moments in a brand's life that shouldn't be missed. To propel the company towards new horizons, it was time to provide it with a strong and independent identity, both inspired by and detached from that of its founder.

Making its method a cornerstone of its identity

How to update the branding strategy of a consulting firm without diluting its expertise?

From its eponymous brand, we offer it a new identity universe. This is rooted in the psychological approach of the brand and its tripartite methodology. Need, meet, match = Neetch, a clever name reminiscent of Nietzsche, nicknamed the psychologist of depths. The logotype skillfully plays around this triptych to create a highly distinctive modular universe.