background projet MNH






An omnichannel creation to affirm the positioning of the affinity mutual insurance for hospital staff.

Design & Brand Experience

Assert the purpose of the National Mutual of Hospital Workers to its members and prospects.

A human calling that we support step by step. Charter, print, web, and digital: a 360° process encompassing the tools that mandate the MNH’s brand message.

A new visual territory that embodies the social commitments of MNH, the National Mutual of Hospital Workers.

MNH is the story of a commitment. A mission that we illustrated by giving a central place to the logo, enabling an impactful and recognizable marking of the new visual identity system.

How to streamline the UX of the website while meeting the expectations of different types of members?

Informing, engaging, accompanying—this is the mechanism that applies to all MNH members. Our response to this challenge: optimizing the user journey, including dedicated spaces for each target audience. We aimed to promote the expertise of their professions on every page of the website.

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