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MDPH Guyane




Impactful branding to convey the organization's commitments loud and clear.


Giving pride of place to the founding values of Guyana's MDPH: listening and support.

Supporting people with disabilities, giving them advice, informing them, giving up time to listen to them: these are the key missions of the MDPH. So that these actions can be promoted across all media, it was necessary to come up with an identity that would visually reflect these values. It's a way of highlighting the work of these professionals, who are committed every day to improving the daily lives of disabled people in French Guiana.

To evoke the human element through a meaningful visual identity.

Behind the acronym MDPH, there are men and women who give their time. They are the first people we thought of when we drew up this graphic charter. First of all, a logo, almost anthropomorphic, where the letters curve to form protection and support. But there's also a balance to be found in the typography, which we wanted to be highly legible while remaining affinitive. Finally, a series of pictograms, derived from the logo, highlight the MDPH's actions and those who carry them out.

A digital platform that's part showcase site, part support tool.

Facilitating the work of local staff, underpinning the values of the MDPH de Guyane and meeting the needs of users - these are the three major challenges facing the new website. We met this challenge by rethinking the user experience, accessibility and the digital version of our branding. This involved both web development and graphic design, in order to create a site that reflects the values of the MDPH while remaining easy to use.

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