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Real Estate

A corporate digital showcase, reflecting LP Promotion group's commitments to territories and housing.


Affirming its purpose digitally through a dedicated corporate website.

Promoting the group requires looking beyond simply enhancing the promoter and manager experience. It's about giving substance to the site. It is built around the societal mission that drives LP Promotion employees. Every visitor's expectation is taken into consideration to initiate dialogue. It's about rallying around a sustainable promise: 'Building the habitat of tomorrow!'

How to meet heterogeneous expectations and appeal to different audiences on a single online platform?

Creating the connection and showcasing comprehensive expertise: a corporate website capable of managing and supporting omnidirectional initiatives. A platform for candidates, institutions, and potential buyers that reflects the values of a company where one feels good to live. A company that is both engaging and committed to the future, asserting its role as a "responsible builder" on both local and national scales.

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