background projet Lallemand




Advertising campaigns aimed at an expert target audience.

Design & Brand Experience

Highlighting Lallemand OEnologie’s expertise in biotechnology.

In a world with well-established conventions, we chose to grab attention by taking the product out of its initial context. The result: cleverly reimagined visuals to elevate the promise into a short, lively, and impactful slogan.

A door to an imaginary world, a miracle serum, child's play, a technological revolution... The settings and roles change but the product always remains in the spotlight.

How to seduce and convince wine professionals?

Our challenge was to offer a different approach while keeping Lallemand’s expertise as the central message. We subverted the traditional wine codes and harnessed those of advertising to create impactful visuals and slogans. Memorable posters that serve as the foundation for highlighting the specific features of Lallemand’s products.