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IT & Innovation
IT & Innovation

A new branding in the service of cutting-edge expertise.

Design & Brand Experience

Democratize the use of radar technology

On a market long overlooked and underestimated, it was time for radar technology to make its voice heard and prove that it offers infinite possibilities. How? Through the creation of a brand universe that is reassuring and seamless for EPSI.

A new graphic universe synonymous with precision, discretion, and expertise.

Behind the four letters EPSI lies the sole French designer and manufacturer of continuous wave radar surveillance systems. It's a sector where every action is meticulously planned, a domain where precision, caution, and innovation are paramount. These key concepts have guided our rebranding efforts. Firstly, a logo with bold strength, a more pronounced and distinctive identity—in essence, a reinterpretation of the existing to embody the company's ambitions.

Putting expertise into motion

An isometric illustration, spread across several pages, highlights EPSI's precision in work and the business sectors it operates in. Of course, the products are also prominently featured. Supported by design elements including shapes, colors, and visuals, they remain central throughout the navigation experience.

From this solid and distinctive foundation, the digital adaptation makes perfect sense.

More visual, more impactful, more assertive: this is how we envisioned the new EPSI digital platform. Through a range of colors from the graphic charter and beautiful visuals, we reinforce the company's expertise and experience. We also aimed to leave room for words, particularly with catchy headlines and impactful sentences.

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