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Wines & Spirits
Wines & Spirits

Enhancing the brand image and its unique know-how.

Design & Brand Experience

Giving rare and French craftsmanship the image it deserves.

As a label of the Living Heritage Company, Coliège Metalco stands among the guardians of French industrial excellence. It was time for this specialist in corking and overcapping trades to visibly embody this rare and prestigious expertise.

Adorning the finest vintages with a prestigious signature

How to position the brand as the ultimate gesture of excellence craftsmanship?

Coliège Metalco is the very last piece of a prestigious production chain. The company crowns the world's finest bottles like a signature, a seal. The envisioned brand universe revolves around this notion of imprint. From the rebranding of the brand to the film made in the heart of its workshops, we sought to highlight a know-how that, like fine wine, improves with time.

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