background projet Biovetol






A versatile branding reflecting the values and a promise of responsible, expert, and caring products.

Design & Brand Experience

A soft and natural visual identity, designed to embody the Biovétol promise across all brand materials.

Make Biovétol's visual identity a true flagship of the brand and its values. Whether it's shapes, colors, or graphic choices, nothing has been left to chance. The goal: an identifiable and adaptable branding that embodies environmental protection, animal welfare, and Biovétol's expertise. A strong promise that now lives through a graphic charter drawing inspiration from nature.

How to visually represent values such as animal welfare and environmental protection?

A logo that reflects the positive and expert aspect of the brand, hues evoking nature, a collection of adorable pictograms to support each digital communication... In summary, a complete and unique identity, but above all adaptable on both the brand's communication media and its packaging. A packaging that we have also redesigned to be in line with Biovétol's offer and promise: natural origin products as an alternative for health and animal welfare.

Adaptable yet immutable. This visual identity becomes the voice of Biovétol, a voice that loudly and proudly carries the brand's commitment.