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A new branding serving a strong ambition: to become the global leader in antennas for nano satellites.

Design & Brand Experience

Position Anywaves as an international leader in the aerospace market.

Conquering the “newspace” requires thinking big. Our aspiration? To shape Anywaves’ identity in line with its new ambitions: technical expertise, mastery, and high precision.

A new identity logo and a coherent and adaptable graphic chart.

We aimed to redefine the codes of space iconography to embody Anywaves’ transformation. Every element finds its place and orbits around the same aspiration: identity in service of expertise.

Anywaves 2.0: How to optimize a website to generate qualified leads?

Performance, reliability, and speed are at the core of the value proposition of the new website we have envisioned. Our mission? To build a smooth and well-thought-out user experience to guide visitors through each step of their customer journey.

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